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My wife and I have tremendous gratitude that God granted us the privilege to explore this world and experience His greatness.

Just as Jesus walked the Earth ministering step-by-step, these photos represent my lifelong journey in which God’s sovereignty ministered to me through the lens of my camera.

I believe that every photo tells a unique story – a snapshot of a place or person in that one moment in time, which cannot be replicated.

Jesus knew the power of story telling as he used parables to teach us great truths.

My wife and I feel called by God to share our photos with you and also the stories that that went into making each image. Thus, every photo includes a brief description of the location and the particular behind-the-scene story to help you feel as if you are hiking (trekking) right alongside us in a tropical rainforest, or flying in a helicopter next to me with the doors off.

The Scripture Pictures Team, pray that the photos on this site bless you and that the scriptures encourage you!

In Christ’s Love,

Henry, Patti and the Scripture Pictures Team

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