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Homeless @ Christmas: Scripture Pictures

Henry and Patti of Scripture Pictures Help the Homeless

Please do what you can to help the homeless.

Homeless @ Christmas: Scripture Pictures 

Patti and I were part of a team yesterday from our church serving Christmas dinner to over 100 people who are homeless. Patti made a ham with her secret ingredient – peach nectar – and a green bean casserole.

The pain of these dear people that we served yesterday was so evident. Most of them had severe mental illness that triggered their homelessness. As I served the food on their plates,  I noticed that almost every person would focus intently on the food – they’d watch it go from the platter to their paper plate, as if they rarely saw food. And then I remembered that they probably rarely saw freshly cooked food, as they “ate” what scraps they could find from garbage cans.

“What you’ve done unto the least of these you’ve done unto Me.”

In Christ’s Love From Scripture Pictures,

Patti and Henry & the Scripture Pictures Team

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