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FCCNH: Prayer Vigil for Peace 12/09/15

Scripture-Pictures-42FCCNH: Prayer Vigil for Peace 12/09/15

Scripture Pictures attended our church’s Prayer Vigil for Peace tonight at the First Christian Church of North Hollywood (FCCNH) in honor of the people who were killed by a terrorist attack in Redlands (California) and in Paris.

For those of you who were not able to make it tonight, Scripture Pictures wants to “bring the prayer vigil” to you.

The First Christian Church of North Hollywood (FCCNH) set up prayer stations outside & inside the Prayer chapel & had a guide for each station. You can do these same steps at home:

First Christian Church of North Hollywood (FCCNH) Prayer Stations:

Faith: Pray for those who carry the burden of bringing and keeping peace. Spend time praying for all the different people working for peace. Try to imagine the burdens they carry. We then placed a rock at the foot of the church’s Peace Pole. (Henry will take a photo of this Peace Pole and we will post it soon – more information coming up!) The rock symbolizes the weight that leaders carry, as they work toward peace. By placing the rock at the foot of the Peace Pole, it represents giving those burdens to God.

HopePray for those who suffer and mourn today. Light a candle to  remember the 14 people who were killed in San Bernardino last week. Pray that the God of all Hope will bring light to the lives of all who mourn.

Love: Pray for peace and beauty. Read and reflect on the words of Isaiah 61:1-7. Choose specific nations and pray for peace. Take a rose petal as a symbol of your trust that God can bring beauty and joy to those nations in the place of the ashes of death and destruction.

Vision: Pray for clear vision of how we might be workers of peace. Stand in front of a mirror and gaze at your own reflection. Understand that peace begins with one person. Ask God how you can make a difference.

Sharing: Pray that we may be able to hear and share one another’s stories. Write, draw, or express your questions, your reflections or your own feelings about what’s happening in our world. Where do you see God in the midst of your living?

God bless all of you!

Henry, Patti and the Scripture Pictures Team

Thank you for letting Scripture Pictures share the Prayer Vigil for Peace  at the First Christian Church of North Hollywood (FCCNH). 

For a larger view of the Scripture Picture of Psalm 30:5 – “Weeping may last for a night, but joy comes in the morning” – please click on the photo. Henry took this shot in Hawaii.

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