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Guilty! 17 Cats: Scripture Pictures

GUILTY!Guilty! 17 Cats: Scripture Pictures

Our cat saga begins with a skinny, feral Siamese showing up on our brand new patio table on our back porch. He was meowing loudly for food, as if he were ordering a fast food meal. He was breath-takingly beautiful and decidedly sassy. Patti named him Sammy-Cat.

Sammy-Cat liked our food, so he decided to adopt us. He insisted on breakfast at 9 AM. He soon added a dinner feeding around 6 PM.

It wasn’t long before our skinny Sammy-Cat became nicely rounded.

That should have been our first clue.

One morning, instead of appearing for breakfast,  we saw Sammy happily nursing 5 newborn kittens in our backyard! Henry and I were instant grandparents!

That’s how our family of 17 feral cats started!

Our cat caper continues. See our blog on “More on 17 Cats and Counting”.

In His Love From Scripture Pictures,

Patti and Henry

(Please click on the image for a larger view of Sammy-Cat.)

P.S. The Scripture Pictures Team invite you to send us your cute cat stories.

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