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Healing Scriptures: Scripture Pictures

God heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. (Psalm 147:4)

Here is a devotion from Joel Osteen about how God heals ALL TYPES of brokenness in our lives.

It is a precious affirmation of God’s power to heal ALL our wounds and restore us.

Please send the Scripture Pictures Team your prayer requests for healing!

He is the Healer

It doesn’t matter what is “broken” in your life today, God’s nature is to bring you complete healing. Do you need healing in your body? Your mind? Heart? Finances? Relationships? God is your healer. Notice what the Psalmist says in this verse: He binds up their wounds. In the natural, if you have a broken arm, it doesn’t just heal overnight. The doctor makes a cast to hold it in place and protect it. He binds up your wound. In the spiritual realm, God does the same thing. He wraps Himself around your brokenness and protects the wounded area until it is strong enough to function properly again. The Bible also says that He is a restorer. That means that when He does a work of healing in our lives, He makes us better than we were before.

If you’re going through the healing process today, know this: it may take longer than you planned, but God is binding up your wound. He is protecting you and healing you. He will bring you out better and stronger than you were before. He will take you to a place of complete healing so that you can live the life of victory He has in store for you.


Please click on the Scripture Pictures photo for a larger view of Psalm 147:4:

This Scripture Pictures photo was taken by Henry off the Big Island of Hawaii at sunset. Behind the dark clouds are streaks of sunlight that symbolize there is always hope in the Lord, no matter how dire the situation may appear.

This Scripture Pictures photo is in our Hope and Inspiration section in the Healing category.

 In Christ’s Love,

Patti, Henry and the Scripture Pictures Team

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