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Scripture-Pictures-92bMemorial Day Gifts: Scripture Pictures

In honor of our veterans, Scripture Pictures wants to offer personalized photos for your loved ones.

Here is a sample of our Scripture Pictures military photo that we dedicated “In Memory of Jake Hoffman” – that was Patti’s grandfather who was a World War I veteran (for more information on him, see below).

You can request either “In Honor of” your loved one or “In Memory of” him or her. Scripture Pictures will add the name of the person you want to pay tribute to at no additional charge. You simply pay for the photo and let us know the name you want.

The Scripture is John 15:13: “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.”

(Please click on the Scripture Pictures photo for a larger view.)

You will also get a free Scripture Pictures Prayer Card with every order. If you’d like a few extra Scripture Pictures Prayer Cards, just let us know.

Here’s more about Patti’s grandfather, Jake Hoffman: Grandpa Jake was a cook in Word War I. He volunteered to serve food on the front lines to his fellow soldiers in the Army, which was a dangerous mission. Grandpa Jake received medals for his bravery in the War. Sadly, he was exposed to many chemicals during the War and later died when Patti’s mom was just 12 years old.

Please send us your prayer requests for any of your loved ones who are currently in the military, or who have returned home but are still dealing with the aftermath of their service to our country.

In His Love,

Henry. Patti and the Scripture Pictures Team

You can order your photos from our In Service section under the Military category.

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