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Ever shown up at the right place but at the wrong time?

Patti did when she took our Pomeranian, Buffy, to have her photo taken with Santa at the local mall on the wrong weekend!

(For more on Buffy, see our blog, “The Dog Who Captured Your Heart: Scripture.Pictures”).

But Patti was determined to get a photo, as Buffy was very old and sick.

So, Patti and Buffy sheepishly stood in a long line with a mass of children and their parents to see Santa. People stared as if to say, “Did you forget your child???”

Although Santa was not supposed to allow photos with pets that day, he graciously made an exception for Buffy. As you can tell in the photo, they instantly bonded.

Sadly, this was Buffy’s last Christmas with us. Our fluffy bundle of joy peacefully passed away shortly after Christmas.

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In Christ’s Love at Scripture Pictures,

Patti and Henry

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