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Hi, this is Patti, the wife of Henry Lehn, from the Scripture Pictures Team.

I have a prayer request in behalf of my husband.

Since we have started the Scripture Pictures photo ministry, Satan has been attacking both of us relentlessly.

But Satan has been particularly attacking Henry’s health.

May I ask all of you who are reading this blog to pray that Henry’s recently diagnosed brain tumor will not grow in size and will not cause any symptoms where he will need brain surgery? The tumor is large & in an area that could cause a lot of damage.

Henry was also recently diagnosed with diabetes and is struggling with a lot of changes in his life because of it.

He also has a nodule on his thyroid. The doctor will biopsy it once his diabetes is under better control. Henry’s mom had thyroid cancer, so the doctor is even more concerned.

Henry is still able to do his photography and will be posting some new Hawaii Scripture Pictures photos on this site.

Thank you for your patience with the Scripture Pictures team, as we have not posted a new blog or new photos in about a month. Please visit Scripture Pictures on Facebook, as Henry is adding some new photos from our trip to the Big Island of Hawaii.

Please feel free to send us an email letting us know you are praying for Henry. Henry would so like to know that you are standing with him in prayer.

And as always, Henry and I, as well as the Scripture Pictures Team, consider it an honor to pray for you! Email us your prayer requests!

In His Footsteps,

Patti and the Scripture Pictures Team

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