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What does malaria, dengue fever, typhoid, and cannibalism have in common?

Papua New Guinea.

Traveling here is a cautionary tale. Little tourism infrastructure and limited travel information is available. It is one of the world’s least explored countries. It’s theorized that many undiscovered species of plants and animals exist in the interior.

There is dense greenery in the swampland and rain forests. The midsection is ruggedly mountainous.

Rural villagers live in mud huts with thatched roofs. They combine Western clothes with traditional garb, e.g., loin clothes adorned with bird-of-paradise feathers and pigs’ tails, pierced noses with animal bones, and elaborate wigs for men with human hair.

Smearing one’s body with colorful clay, mud or ashes is common.

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We at Scripture Pictures feel privileged to have trekked to such a primitive part of the world and send our love to the many villagers who welcomed us into their huts and hearts.

In His Love,

Patti, Henry and the Scripture Pictures Team

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