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Pastor Robert Bock: Scripture Pictures

Happy Easter to you and yours from the Scripture Pictures Team!

Our senior pastor, Robert Bock, of the First Christian Church of North Hollywood wrote a touching Easter meditation this year. Pastor Bob is not just loved by the congregation of the First Christian Church of North Hollywood, he is beloved.

Here is an excerpt of what Pastor Robert Bock wrote:

“On this Easter Sunday we no longer look “toward” the Cross. Instead, we look back at the Cross, looking with history on our side and two centuries of knowledge and faith that says – ‘on the Cross He died and from this Cross He rose’. The Cross was not the end of Jesus’ journey any more than was the empty tomb. Neither the cross nor the tomb could hold the Son of God.  They were simply stopping points on Jesus’ way back to be with His Father.

Having spent this Holy Season looking toward the Cross, we can now look back upon the Cross and reflect on the depth of God’s Love that was expressed toward humanity through it. When looking toward the Cross all that can be seen is suffering and death. Looking back at the Cross, however, gives a totally different picture. Looking back we see clearly the light of Heaven reflecting from it.

May that same light shine on each of us toady as we celebrate Easter, the day when the power of the Cross was banished forever!”

In His Love,

Henry, Patti and the Scripture Pictures Team

For a larger view, please click on the Scripture Pictures photo of Isaiah 55:1:

“Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters….

This Scripture Pictures photo was taken by Henry in the Sierras near Lone Pine, California. Patti says, “The series of cascading waterfalls remind me of the Lord’s abundant, overflowing love and grace for us.”

You can find this photo in the Old Testament section under Isaiah.

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