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Henry and Patti of Scripture Pictures Help the Homeless

Homeless people need our help.

Christian Gifts: Scripture Pictures 

Patti and I and the Scripture Pictures Team were part of a group from our church that fed the homeless a Thanksgiving meal at a local park. By the time we arrived at 12:00 noon, over 100 men and women were  lined up, patiently waiting. Some were elderly. Some were ill. A few could barely walk. And then there were the children. I quickly blinked back tears.

We scurried around to set up the Thanksgiving “fixings” on the picnic tables.  I’ll never forget the looks on people’s faces when we put food on their plates – they were so hungry.

One person after the next said a heartfelt, “thank you” for the food. And some talked about their faith in God.

As we were driving home later that day, Patti and I realized how blessed we were to have a home!

Tonight it is pouring rain in Los Angeles after months of a drought. Where are those homeless people sleeping tonight?

In Christ’s Love From Scripture Pictures,

Patti, Henry & the Scripture Pictures Team

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