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Mom’s Cross

If one verse from the Word of God described my Mom’s life, it would be Matthew 16:24: “If anyone would come after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.” 

Mom “took up her cross” by keeping our family together through heart-breaking times. She showed my dad compassion for his lifelong battle with alcoholism and PTSD from World War II. Mom bravely took care of my sister who was very ill for 3 years – she died at age 21.

Mom took up her cross once again when she had cancer. She was 49. I was just 16. Mom became desperately sick very rapidly. But her faith was unstoppable! Mom took experimental medications – not to help her live because it was too late – but to help other cancer patients in the future. When visitors came, they would cry because Mom looked so sick. Ironically, Mom would comfort them and recite the Word of God.

Mom’s most prized possession was her gold cross necklace that she wore for many years. Two days before she died, she gave it to me.

When I hold Mom’s cross, I  realize that not even death can separate me from her love.

In Christ’s Love From Scripture Pictures,

Patti and Henry

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